Daily Prompt: Surface


And so she descended down the steps that vanished into pitch black water.  The stone slabs beneath her feet were ice and the air thin.  She hesitated when her toes  were inches away from the sloshing water.  In the confines of the corridor, the sound was a maddening mantra.  Her fingers were frigid and stiff as she loosened her buttons and dropped her gown to the floor.  She wouldn’t be needing it where she was going.

Her heart was beating fiercely with expectation for the coldness waiting to swallow her whole.  And so it did.   She could not see a thing around her under the water and felt her way ahead against jagged, slippery rocks.  Her lungs began to burn and she searched for an opening above her.  It didn’t come.  She was moving forward quickly, her hands cutting on rough edges.  Her mouth tasted like copper, and her throat was a bomb that wanted to open.

Her hands reached into coldness above her.  A different cold; the cold of winter air.  She almost exhaled out of relief.

Harsh hands locked around her wrists and pulled her towards the surface.


via Daily Prompt: Surface


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