Daily Prompt: Complicated


She came out of the water and the winter air rammed into her like a storm escaping a frozen hell.  The burning air trapped inside her rushed out and the icy air forced itself down her throat and into her lungs.  The temperature change was too great, and she began coughing.  She felt the full force of the cold on her wet, naked body.

A moment later, she felt a rough, thick cloak wrap around her tightly.  He caught her, was the only thought that raced through her mind.  She wanted to fight him, but her muscles were frozen and she shook involuntarily.  She wanted to speak, but no words came out.  His yellow eyes were furious, but they did not look at her.  He picked her up and threw her across his shoulder roughly and walked back to the castle.  A tear froze in the corner of her eye.

The underground current had carried her beyond the walls of the castle, and he came to a stop in front of the giant wrought iron gate with its complicated locks that intrigued her so much the first time she came here.  She wished she never did.

via Daily Prompt: Complicated


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