My awkward “fan” meeting

Ok, so it wasn’t an actual fan experience, seeing as I don’t have fans (yet).

I had a friend stay over last week and she has a friend who lives across the street from me.  My friend is a very enthusiastic, positive person that always makes you feel like a million bucks even if you feel terrible/look like terrible.  So, she tells her friend I’m a writer and I’m getting published by the end of the month (which is true), but I also studied engineering and basically I’m described as this mythical creature to said friend and she just then desperately wanted to meet me.

Comes Monday.  The friend that stayed here is writing her 5-hour long exam in the City.  I’m in my pjs, hair uncombed and wild, washing dishes when my jam comes up.  I put the music on loud, like way past being considerate but it’s 3 pm, everyone should be at work and my JAM just came up.  My jam is “slept so long” by Jonathan Davis.  And I’m just screaming the lyrics with passion and not a lot of musicality .  “I SEEEEE HELLLLLL IN YOUR EEEYEESSS… TAKEN IN BY SURPRISE” when I hear something out of place… and I stop to listen. Seconds later I hear another sound, it’s my friend, back early.  I shout to her that my hands are wet.  She has a key so I just continued washing dishes silently.  She doesn’t come in.  I go to the door, music still screaming.

The friend who wanted to meet the mythical writer is standing there…and everyone is awkward as balls.  My friend forgot her key.  I had to open.  I put the music off, my hands are wet to my elbows.  Nothing mythical about me just extreme embarrassment there’s not a lot I can say.  Not the writer she wanted, but the writer she got.  I probably will never do that again.



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