Final draft and comments received from Editor

This won’t be a long post.  It is difficult for me to put into words the emotion surging through me at the moment.  I literally received the final comments from the editor a few minutes ago and I cannot describe the level of pride and euphoria welling up inside me.

 “Wow, I have just finished going through this as a ‘reader’ more than an editor, and it is one of the most tightly and best-written manuscripts I have had the honour of editing in my career so far! You have such a gift with words it is ridiculous, especially considering your relative youth compared to most other writers – well done and 10/10!

To repeat: you are going to go very far in the writing game, and I look forward to your next achievements in this regard!”

Guys.  It’s happening.  It’s been 6 years weaved into a brutal learning curve, but it’s finally happening.  I’m publishing.  This time it’s real.  This time it’s not just my mom and friends saying “this is awesome!”.  This times it’s a complete stranger.  This time I will be able to call myself an author. This time it’s real.




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