Writing update and Life update

The past year I have truly, intimately, discovered and confirmed all the negative things people say about Millenials.  Worse still is that I am not excluded from the trap.  I’ve mentioned in my “about” section that I studied engineering but in my second year, I had serious doubts whether or not I’d want to do it as an actual profession.  Much of that doubt stemmed from the fact that I started my first ever Novel in January 2010 and completed it November that same year, WHILST studying engineering full time.  Lemmy tell you: that isn’t wise.  There is no such thing as ‘part-time-engineering’.  And unlike Heart Eater(that’s only around 28 000 words), Charmed Vigilance was a beast of 147 000 words, and it was my first ever novel.  I think all first-time authors feel that their book is the next best thing, and I was no exception. In my head, it would be a movie by 2012 and be the next Twilight in level the of fan-attention.  I queried agents, publishers and just about anyone I could think of.  Needless to say; I was rejected by all of them.  But I was arrogant and proceeded to self-publish the book.  Luckily, only one person bought it.  After realising my mistake in publishing it, I unpublished it.  No harm no foul.   It’s years later now, and I’m so glad no one else bought it.  I am rewriting it completely from start to finish.

One of the reasons I studied engineering was because I wanted Architecture with some physics and math in it, and when I realised that’s not what engineering is, it became one of the reasons I didn’t feel like I’d want to do it as a profession.  Truth is, I didn’t really know what engineering was when I studied it.

Last year I had the opportunity to write full-time, and I thought it was a dream come true.  But it didn’t turn out as I wanted.  I thought I’d be happy if I could write full-time and do nothing else, but I was wrong.  It didn’t make me happy.  In fact, writing felt like a chore, and like all chores, I avoided it.  Until it was holiday, and then I seemed to want to write the whole damn time.  It was in that moment that I realised that I wouldn’t be happy *just* writing for a living.  Acknowledging that to myself was a big step that took 7 years to do, but now I feel free.  I’ve decided to pursue a career in Structural Engineering, and I’ve identified a company that appears to walk the line between Engineering and Architecture.  Fingers crossed that I will get the job.

Writing wise; I’m busy with the sequel to Heart Eater, a new Paranormal Romance that falls far out of my comfort zone, and I’m rewriting Charmed Vigilance from first person present tense to first person past tense.  I hope to finish all three of those by the end of the year.

I’ll try to post when ever something significant comes across 🙂



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