Heart Eater

The Motive

My engineering background makes me question everything I do.  There must be an acceptable and reasonable motive behind my story; not a story for the sake of a story.  The main motivation behind Heart Eater was my own heartbreak, and the poem, Heart Eater, was written within hours of the event that would plague me for years to come.  It was only after a few months and another occurrence that I  began writing the book.  When I started the book, it had nothing to do with the poem, but I discovered the poem months later and realized it was applicable to the book.

The story of Red Riding Hood as told by the brothers Grimm was a moral retelling of girls reaching puberty and the wolves that would follow.  I drew from that moral to write the book.

At its core, Heart Eater is about the coming of age for a girl and the confusion and horror that comes with it and the sacrifices we make to achieve our goals.

The Blurb

Ira’s heart is broken, and soon an implacable darkness unfurls within her.

She battles to understand its meaning and source while those around her fear the

unknown in their midst.  Their fears lead to harsh action and the arrival of a mysterious

outsider is not a moment too late.  Ira sets out on a journey to find answers before the

next full moon and hopefully prevent another death.

The Poem

Your hunger never caves,

You’re a beast that always craves.

The insatiable wolf that prowls,

Without a whisper, without howls.

Your soul is black and chill,

What victim could fight your will?

You’re a shadow stalker of the innocent and pure,

You devour and defile them without a cure.

Now I see the mystery that is you;

When I got close, you ripped my chest in two.

My flesh may know that path well,

But my soul has not, and went through hell.

Your wolf-self pushed me to the ground,

You dragged me round and round

Until I didn’t realise, we were going in circles,

Your hands around my wrists were circlips.

You ripped my heart from my chest,

I was willing to give you my best.

But my heart didn’t do,

I was simply not good enough according to you.

You spat my mangled being back at me,

You had gotten what you wanted and filled your need.

Care-free you stalked away,

To find the next victim of the day.

You’re cold has spread through my soul,

My chest has a gaping hole.

These tears won’t become any sweeter,

You are a heart eater.